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<-- this is me.

My name is Henry Leo Gross-Hellsen, and I am a Sophomore of a class of 2020, who attends English Honors, period 5 at King Kekaulike High School. This year (year 10) was probably definitely not my best year I have ever had in school, considering the fact that I have attended a year before that, excluding the tedious information of how I have felt.
English (portfolio)

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English 9 (2016-17 | English 10 (2017-18)

What I do
I write software, and try to hack mesh myself into to things, usually not getting me anywhere. I have experience in a field of programming; PHP, Swift, Objective-C, BaSH, Ruby, Java, Python, and Javascript. (and CSS) I also like to tinker with electronics. Other than that, I practice on the Piano, debug computers, and generally waste time on things that aren't exactly necessary for my future! Sadly, a year back my computer fried itself (what? me? no, I didn't do anything.) and I lost the majority of my projects before that. The only exception is "Raspberry Pi Emulator" (and a few others) who's source code was publicly available online. Yay! Go non-profit, open-source! (Oh, the irony [No. I am not telling you anything.])

Software/app homepage: http://snorfi.us/
Raspberry Pi Emulator: http://snorfi.us/raspiemu
SourceForge user page: http://sourceforge.net/u/henryleo

Most of my stuff is not on this site. Please use the above links, or use the navigation menu in the top right for school-related stuff.

- I attended Roots Maui, for the last of year 8. Although it cannot be called adequate, it was a private 'intermediate' (literally.. not particularly interesting) school, so at least that's something.
- Before that I attended Maui/Kula Waldorf School, for years -1 to 3. My teacher, Mark John, was fired abruptly for some parent not liking him..? (Name: Maryanne. Lastname: Don't remember, and I don't [want to] care)
- I am currently 16+1 years old, in High school class of 2020, as I was homeschooled year 3.
Apparently, most schools don't accept 'unofficial' or unregistered private tutors, even if it is from a known teacher-teacher (a person who teaches teachers), college lecturer, or artist. Oh well, I guess the latter parts has no place in our schooling system.
- Thanks to Ms Laila Popata and Ms Megan Terry for assigning this to me to create! If not, I wouldn't have an 'about me' section. Probably; I definitely wouldn't have a better portfolio collection.