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My name is Henry Leo Gross-Hellsen, and I am a Freshman (Class of 2020), who attends English Honors, period 6 at King Kekaulike High School. This year (year 9) was probably my best year I have ever had in school, not considering the fact that I have not attended a high school before that.
English (portfolio)
We had ten assignments over the four quarters we attended English Honors - including this one. The topic was poetry, which included reading of poets. An exception is EA 1-1, EA 1-2, EA 2-1, EA 2-2, EA 3-1, and EA 3-2. So yeah, the only poetry related assignment was EA 4.
A lot of my work won't make much sense, or will be incredibly repetitive. Please understand this, as poetry is not my strong point.
Also, the title of my poetry anthology is "With No Clarity Forthcoming" - you won't know why I named it that.

What I do
I write software, and try to hack in to things, usually not getting me anywhere. I have experience in a field of programming; PHP, Swift, Objective-C, BaSH, Ruby, Java, Python, and Javascript. (and CSS) I also like to tinker with electronics. Other than that, I practice on the Piano, debug computers, and generally waste time on things that aren't exactly necessary for my future! Sadly, a year back my computer fried itself (what? me? no, I didn't do anything.) and I lost the majority of my projects before that. The only exception is "Raspberry Pi Emulator" (and a few others) who's source code was publicly available online. Yay! Go non-profit, open-source! (Oh, the irony [No. I am not telling you anything.])

Software/app homepage: http://snorfi.us/
Raspberry Pi Emulator: http://snorfi.us/raspiemu
SourceForge user page: http://sourceforge.net/u/henryleo

Most of my stuff is not on this site. Please use the above links, or use the navigation menu in the top right.

Other stuff
- I attended Roots Maui, for the last of year 8. Although it cannot be called adequate, it was a private 'intermediate' school, so at least that's something.
- Before that I attended Maui/Kula Waldorf School, for years -1 to 3. My teacher, Mark John, was fired abruptly for some parent not liking him..? (Name: Maryanne. Lastname: Don't remember, don't care)
- I am currently 16 years old, as I was homeschooled year 3.Apparently, most schools don't accept 'unofficial' or unregistered private tutors, even if it is from a known teacher-teacher (a person who teaches teachers), college lecturer, and artist. Oh well, I guess the latter part has no place in our schooling system.
- Thanks to Ms Popata for assigning this to us to create! If not, I wouldn't have an 'about me' section. Probably.