English-H 5, Year 10

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My portfolio 10 page for Englishh Period 5 Year 10 class of 2020, kIng kEkaulike High School.

Please note that this is not my "main" page. My main page is at http://blog.snorfi.us, what you are looking at is the main page for my ELAH10 portfolio. All my portfolios share an "about me", but have their own reflections.

As with last year, I decided to do this instead of using a google "site". I should explain my position, though- the newer google sites is first of all not compatible, and second is inadequate (all in my opinion) for being a proper site builder.

These are the assignments, or a few of them (they're EAs!) from my year, and are generally speaking organised in groups of two, usually being related to each other in topic.

Writing this, I am listening to some classical song that Ms Terry put on. I don't mind it - it 's nice, actually. I can't speak for others, however.

I've moved the majority of my introduction/reflection to induvidual reflections and to my home page, so that's why this (page) is.

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Q1 environmental issues

EA 1 - Argumentative Essay "Cows and Methane"
EA 2 - Presentation "Cows and Methane"

Q2 story, healthcare

EA 3 - Story "The Generic Beam of a Stake"
EA 4 - Argumentative Essay "Health Care in the Public Sector"

Q3 Colonialism

EA 5 - Presentation "HAAUUUGHN KHON"
EA 6 - Timed Writing "Things fall apart"

Q4 monologue, fin

EA 7 Monologue "Coffee"