English-H 6, Year 9

Do you like the slogan? the slogan died out of embarrassment.

This is my portfolio website for Enligh Period 6 Year 9 class of 2020, King kekaulike high school.

We had ten assignments over the four quarters we attended English Honors - including this one. The topic was poetry, which included reading of poets. An exception is EA 1-1, EA 1-2, EA 2-1, EA 2-2, EA 3-1, and EA 3-2. So yeah, the only poetry related assignment was EA 4.
A lot of my work won't make much sense, or will be incredibly repetitive. Please understand this, as poetry is not my strong point.
Also, the title of my poetry anthology is "With No Clarity Forthcoming" - you won't know why I named it that.

To make this clear - I decided to do this instead of using a google "site", as it is inadequate in terms of available resources, and capability [as a whole].

Page links

EA 1-1 - Interview
EA 1-2 - Argumentative Essay 1
EA 2-1 - Romeo & Juliet
EA 2-2 - Argumentative Essay 2
EA 3-1 - Historical Analysis
EA 3-2 - Mockingbird Scene
EA 4-1 - Poetry Anthology
EA 4-2 - Poetry Analysis

EA 4-3 - Reflection